Posted on: March 16, 2008 11:23 am

Spring Training

Well the annual migration has taken place and the O's are in Fla. What have we seen so far? Well, Brian Roberts is still wondering which uniform he will be wearing this season, after an initial explosion Nick Markakis has settled into his routine and is showing star qualities, D-Cab is being D-Cab...good one day and why is he here the next, Melvin Mora has had some shining moments, and the Coaching staff is still getting familiar with all the new faces Andy has provided them! By all accounts, Dave Trembley is running a well organized and thought out Camp with many players responding favorably. After a disappointing 2007 season, Ramon Hernandez reported at a svelte 225 and is displaying the skills that brought him to B'more in the first how does this translate to the O's fans? The prospects are quite good, as in most of the players acquired in the off-season are prospects, so while uncertain the future nonetheless is quite bright.  Undoubtedly we will witness some stumbles(growing pains), but I predict many exciting moments for the fan to savor!
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Posted on: March 5, 2008 10:40 pm

5 March 2008

Well the hot news today is Nick Markakis' dissatisfaction over his contract status. He received a raise($55,000) but not the extension he was looking for. As the last "star" on the team not considered tradebait, he might have considered himself the cornerstone of the future! Looking for a contract of security and financial rewards, he was sorely disappointed... and not shy about making his reactions known! Next year he will be arbitration eligible, and should that prove disappointing, I won't be surprised to see another Oriole starring in a new ballpark! Since the O's are focusing on player development, and Nick has shown development, I would hope they would demonstrate the rewards positive development earns. Nick seems to feel slighted, having improved his performance in spite of being on a bottom feeder team, and who can fault him? Now he is witnessing the dissemination of the talent on that team, which, intentionally or not, elevates his status here. Furthermore, going into his Third season he now is viewed as a Senior member of the team! I wonder if all the "rookies" such as Matt Wieters are noticing all this?
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